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Residential Complex in Moscow

Spacious apartment with furniture, handcrafted details, and author’s decor.

Viktoriya and Oleg –
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Viktoriya and Oleg bought the apartment in Residential Complex “House in Begovaya street” in 2009. Long searches preceded the purchase: it was important for the owners who spend most of the time outside Moscow that they felt at home every time they returned here.

A new building was ideally suited for the couple, it was a good value for money and met all their requirements: good infrastructure of the building and of all district, much open space and light.

Viktoriya and Oleg bought the apartment from the architect of the building and made a comfortable and well-designed place from a concrete block. They cared not only for a visual constituent, but for a functional one as well: they planned a heated supply ventilation with filters which create comfortable microclimate, and installed a fire alarm and fire extinguishing system for safety reasons.

Now Viktoriya and Oleg seldom appear here due to trips, that’s why they put the apartment up for sale.

For the moment of purchase there were no interior partitions in an empty space. There were only some bearing pads, concrete, and brick. They developed the interior design by themselves, wishing to get away from stereotypes and create an ideal space for themselves. Thus, the use of plastic and other non-natural materials was minimized. There are no properties – the furniture and interior items are made to order or hand-made for the most part. Palisander was used in the finishing of the living-room and bedroom floor. The chairs are Ligne Roset, the sofa is Keoma Salotti.

What concerns the layout the owners wanted to get away from zoning with the help of corridors. In fact the space is uniform, even toilet facilities are located not behind the blank wall, but behind a glass two-leaf door with curtains. The original sandstone tile was used in the finishing of the bathroom and kitchen. Receptacle interconnection was planned so that there was no cable accumulation.

The kitchen furniture was assembled by a private contractor from the author’s scratch.

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