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Salone Satellite Design: The creations of the new talents of American design

The innovative creations of the young talents of the academic program of the prestigious American university Furniture Design Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) promise to surprise the audience at the Salone del Mobile 2012 in Milan.

Fresh style and solid content in the research and planning was their forte, the objects will be presented at the Salone Satellite in Rho Fair in April from the 17th to the 22nd and also in a special event that will match the Fuori Salone show and cocktail party at the Design Library, in Zona Tortona in April the 19th.

In an extraordinary evening of the 19th of April at the Design Library after making the office removals of SCAD sections of the university the students will exhibit products that impress. As the chair Yeti, the steel Mark Leveno, , foam and natural wool, whose name is inspired by the legendary “Abominable Snowman”, will be referenced by his unusual seat.

Additionally, the stool Colchone, de John McMahon, walnut, mahogany or maple and aluminum, which plays with the visual perception thanks to the normal consistent surface and the design that evokes the softness of a pillow (both designers will be participating in the Master of Fine Arts).

Already at the Satellite will be handled a different exposure. Bradley Bowers, who has a BA in Industrial Design and participant in the Master of Arts, performs the original vessel Om handmade paper and latex and has a strong artistic expression due to its unusual shape. Same designer, Shell, a decorative object that plays with a sense of stability, and the container table multifunctional Mona will give a magnificent exposure as well.

Matt Gray, patron of the Master of Fine Arts, proposed to them a table that encourages a new type of tactile and visual experience for the unconventional use of materials and doors ( a number of objects in the shape of horns fssare in wall, used as a hanger or artistic decorations, which creates a contrast between nature and artifacts).

Alejandro Figueredo who has a degree course in Industrial Design, will exhibit two lamps, a table, Ligna, and another suspended Gira, both his product lins are in the balance and impressive tension. Turns, for example, explores movement and stability, achieving harmony through codependent pieces tied to a single point. This object rotates in space, enabling the light to discover the shadows.

Projects of Bowers, Gray and Figueredo make up the consortium of professional design led by entitled students of Studio PLZ DNT TCH.

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