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10 of the world’s wackiest beds

It’s thought that humans spend almost a third of their life sleeping. Whether or not you could count it as a ‘waste’ all depends on your outlook really – if you absolutely adore sleeping you’ll probably still be eager to catch a few extra hours here and there!

Your choice of bed is one of the most important sleep-related issues out there, as your choice is likely to determine how well you sleep at night. The last thing you want is to buy a bed that you find uncomfortable. Of course, some would also say that you need a bed that suits your personality.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a slightly strange yet incredibly comfy bed, try out some of these options!

1. The Doc Sofa Bunk Bed
This bed is designed to break down into a sofa during the daytime and, when it comes time to go to bed, can be transformed into a bunk bed for two people – perfect for kids!

2. The Itbed
This bed is made entirely out of cardboard that’s kept in an accordion design in order to strengthen it. One of the best parts about this bed is that it can be quickly compressed and stored away, making it perfect for impromptu guests.

3. The Loft Bed
Those looking for some space-saving techniques will love this bed, which is raised up from the floor in order to make the most of the space beneath it.

4. The Totoro Bed
The Totoro Bed is designed after the famous character in the Japanese animated film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ (Tonari no Totoro). The character is supposed to be the spirit of the forest and is a friendly, furry animal – he also makes an incredibly comfortable bed!

5. BedUP
Another space-saving bed, BedUP is the ultimate option if you really don’t have the space for a large bed on the floor. Simply install this bed to have your sleeping area attached to the ceiling in the daytime!

6. The Feng Shui Bed
While the feng shui bed isn’t actually a bed that you can buy, it is a system that you can implement within your own home no matter how much money you have to spend.

Some of the aspects of the feng shui interior design model is that you should never have your bed opposite a door or mirror, never put it under a ceiling beam, and don’t angle your bed from a corner.

7. The Fluttua Bed
The Fluttua Bed uses an optical illusion to make it appear that it’s floating, but this bed is actually attached to the wall and has a single post beneath it to provide support.

8. Vertical Bed
Have you ever fallen asleep standing up after a particularly long day at work? This is the bed for you – it’ll ensure you’re able to stand up straight while sleeping peacefully.

9. Bookcase Bed
Booklovers will adore this bed, which fits around bookshelves and can be taken down at night to create a comfortable double bed. If you’re after a hidden bed option, choose this one!

10. Grass Bed
If the idea of sleeping outdoors on the grass appeals to you, this bed could be perfect. You can sleep on a real bed of grass that’s kept fresh thanks to the special design of the bed, which doubles up as a big plant pot!

Of course, if these beds are a little bit out of your price range there are lots of other beds out there that you could choose from. Finding the ideal bed for you doesn’t have to be expensive and, in fact, you can choose from lots of budget options online.
This article was provided by Lauren Grice on behalf of Odd Mattress, a company specialising in bespoke mattresses.

Images courtesy of Bored Panda, Fancy Cribs, Daily Cognition.

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