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The Future of Audio Visual Bathrooms

It’s always interesting to consider what the future might bring in terms of design, in particular when the design relates to technology within the home. What’s even more interesting is looking at what the future might hold in regards to technology within the bathroom. Televisions within the bathroom are becoming more common but what more can we expect to see? Let’s explore the future of audio visual bathrooms.

Smart Televisions
It might seem like a luxury in itself to have any kind of television in your bathroom but a television that has been designed specifically for wet areas is the ultimate in luxury bathing appliances. Waterproof televisions that offer high resolution screens and a variety of frames and finishes will become the norm in bathrooms. Resistant to humidity, fully submersible remote controls and safe to use in wet areas, these televisions are impressive indeed. Televisions incorporated into mirrors is another smart option. All that homeowners will have to do is choose how many inches they want their bathroom tv to be.

Smart Mirrors
Not only will you see mirrors incorporating televisions in audio visual bathrooms, you’ll also see them incorporating touch screens. Why not use your mirror to do more than simply show you your reflection? How about discovering the daily weather or news whilst getting ready for the day ahead. Or watch your favourite YouTube videos while preparing to head out for a night on the town. Connect to the web and surf while laying back in your tub even. Not only will these types of mirrors become common in bathrooms of the future, they are already available now. That’s right, you can take your bathroom to a futuristic level today with these cutting edge designs.

Smart Faucets
Faucets are highly functional fixtures in bathrooms today and thanks to modern technology they now offer more functionality than ever before. Touch screens built into tap designs are now a reality and in the future are sure to be seen in every home. With features such as email and weather information, smart faucets will only get even smarter in the years ahead.

Smart Accessories
Yet another way to enjoy television in your futuristic bathroom is with a heated towel rail. That’s right, heated towel rails are now on offer with televisions fully incorporated into their design. Another accessory in the bathroom that incorporates technology is the humble toilet roll holder. Plugging your iPod into your toilet roll holder is now possible thanks to innovative manufacturers who have seized on the popularity of mp3 players. There are sure to be more smart accessories released in the future that will become common in all of our homes, giving us the flexibility to stay connected to what we want, when we want it and where we want it.

When your bathroom is ready for its next makeover then why not consider integrating new technology into the design, that way you’ll have a more functional bathroom to enjoy each and every day.

This article is written by Joanne on behalf for AQVA Bathrooms, where they sell designer bathroom cubicles.

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