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Furniture that you cheating

Acrylic table, created by designer Jonathan Brower recalls tablecloth magically hanging in the air. The maximum load that will draw a table – 35 pounds.

This coffee table is made without the use of glasses. The illusion of lightness is due to the fact that the metal legs that support the upper countertop from certain angles to be seen.

This coffee table seems broken, though the “break” in fact – is a handy shelf for storing magazines.

A good pair of flying tables will legged stool and chair, hovering in the air. And one, and the second illusion made ​​possible by the use of glass.

Crimp or lockers and even explode, but still in working order.

And this is a fairly simple solution to the fasteners for the books will hang them in the air. This shelf “shelf” companies will be good for flying tables and chairs.

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