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Design studio apartment

Layout of this tiny one-room apartment, created by designers WCH Interior, reflected in itself everything as needed, and so much like the owner of the apartment. This is despite the fact that the designers worked with very limited space and the interior design was to get very concise.

Low-level entertainment unit is well below eye level. This was done in order to save space still flat.

Also, in order to continue the low-level concept here was placed outdoor sofa, for which, incidentally, formed a sleeping area. At the head of the bed is a small wall, whose function – is a clear separation of the home office, the kitchen and the rest of the space.

Around the kitchen area fitted wardrobes, which occupy a large space. This was done in order to achieve unity and harmony in this small open space.

White marble countertops, which are used in various forms in the interior, while several functions: reflect light and give the interior a luxurious look.

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