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Tree House

Modern home in the trees hardly be called hut or birdhouses. Such seemingly light and weightless design actually in no way inferior to the usual home.

Design and construction of the house on the tree – not spoiling for infantile romantic and quite mature and serious work.

As a basis for the design of complex technical choose only healthy trees. No moss or fungus on the trunk, and the nest of other settlements nearby forest dwellers. Strong root system should be widely spread out to the sides.

The best varieties of trees that are suitable for building a house, are considered beech, fir, maple, ash and oak.

Controversial option would spruce – the biggest and strongest specimens usually looks old root system. It is not allowed to build a house on a birch, chestnut, poplar or willow – these trees were small life and loose wood.

It is not recommended to build houses too big. After all, even a modest construction area of about 10 m2 can weigh up to 300 kg! This is despite the fact that the building is used for lightweight construction materials.

Weighty “nest” is held on the tree with thought-mounting frame. For example, on a “host-to-core” when there is a frame can be viewed as a set of rigid triangles collected at sites throughout the area of the house. Simply put, the framework – a big fishing net made of wood or metal that covers the tree.

To be safe, the house can be hung on ropes attached to the branches, or call into the base, additional support piles.

The most reliable design for lifting and lowering is ladder, reinforced with steel brackets. Looks spectacular and a spiral staircase, decorated with natural materials.

For thrills, you can mount a special lift, operated by electric winch. Basket can deliver passengers to the porch of the structure as well as directly to the house. In the second case, use a special hole in the floor, in proportion to the appropriate size for the free movement of the basket.


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