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Children’s furniture

Over recent years the approach to children’s furniture has changed dramatically, including the customers. This is a big achievement producers legislators furniture fashion, and fashion is quite a grown-up. They demonstrate to the public that the habitat can be interactive, stimulating the imagination and inviting to the game.

Fewer and fewer are willing to follow the cliches like “rooms for little princesses” and “cabins for young sailors.” Pink and blue are still there, but the share of their presence was less doll-cloying.

Of course, that’s so immediately withdraw the “suite of furniture” approach, no one calls. There is still much new supply kits “table plus closet plus the bed.” That’s just one of those things become less cumbersome appearance and more versatile internally.

Beds is shaped vehicle, ship or imaginary animal. Level grid with a mattress slightly raised – and the bottom of the form a “house” for the games, you can climb up the ladder and go down – for most of this hill, the same as in the yard.

Of the bed can also be nominated desk – in fact, it is only in the classroom (Julia Arredamenti). Well, cabinets – former swinger from floor to ceiling – shatters into many colorful boxes and shelves and hide in the most unexpected places: in the podium bed, under the stairs, behind a large projection screen (Magis, Livit).

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