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The interior of the winter garden

A row of pots on the windowsill – phyto not the only option. Someone made a special annexe for a winter garden, some are insulated balcony. All there is reason to green the area, and of course, plenty of opportunity to implement it.

Easier and more convenient to arrange a winter garden in a separate storage room. But the living room bay window, or any other well-lit area of the apartment will suit just as good, except that the yield to size.

Ideally, the plants are planted in large joint stationary tanks. High – the walls, on the middle tier and bushy, of course, ground cover. However, you can do a separate container, drawn up together on the same principle.

Every garden, even the smallest, should have its own face, its own character. It can be wet tropics with orchids, mangroves, dry desert (yes, such as succulent slide), or relatively cool subtropics with citrus and palm trees. Construct the envy of all bromeliad tree or tropical pond. Very out of place are usually a variety of rocks, caves, waterfalls, and other structures of natural or artificial stone.

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