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Green in the interior

When, finally, the spring comes and the trees buds, and the ground is covered with a young grass around, my heart immediately becomes good and happy. For half a year in black and white landscapes our longing eyes on the green. What to do with the psyche that spring color?

Distance – neutral

Volume – neutral

Weight – unspecified

Saturation – saturated

Temperature – neutral

Luminosity or brightness – calm

Movement – an inert, static, but alive

Additional colors – red

The first impression – fresh, elusive

The psychological impact – a gentle, helps to relax, dispel negative emotions, focus and decide. Calms and soothes, relieves muscle tension. It has a hypnotic effect, helps with shock.

Amateur – good for choleric, relieves their stress, suffering from claustrophobia should

Suitable rooms – classrooms, libraries, children and kitchen (bright colors), bathrooms and bedrooms (pale colors), rooms for relaxation, meditation, classrooms

Unsuitable rooms – living room, rooms for active communication (negotiating), gyms

According to scientists, in contrast to the other colors of the spectrum green retinas perceived directly, without refraction. Perhaps, this is an easy understanding of the physiological, not a pleasant association with the first leaves, and the solution is the positive impression of freshness and harmony, which makes the tone for us.

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