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Among avid gardeners will have plenty of those who equate the autumn and winter of the ordeal, because cold weather does not allow fully devote himself to his favorite hobby. However, in the home garden can be divided into real and despite the vagaries of nature, enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor.

Ornamental pepper or capsicum, or annual paprika (Capsicum annuum) of the nightshade family comes from Central and South America and Asia. This is a plant with a pungent taste of fruit in many countries are used as a spice. Important not to forget that the green parts of the plant are poisonous.

Room pepper not taken specifically for the room “live.” The secret of its popularity lies in the home is compact and decorative small importance and relative simplicity.

Currently available ornamental pepper is quite simple. Its truly infinite variety of species and varieties are widely represented in the garden centers and stores. However, the purchase of finished bush, with all those bright and juicy fruits, often frustrating: these samples quickly perish. Why?

The fact that the “producers” of plants, intended for mass sales, literally zakarmlivayut his players all sorts of fertilizers. At the same ingredients and proportions of these “miracle” compositions and remain secret even for professional landscapers. Needless to say that the plants are extremely painfully familiar to them the slightest hardship “doping”.

Adapt to new conditions can only the most powerful and healthy samples. That’s why growers amateur recommended independently grow green pets – as they say, “from scratch” from seed.

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