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Garden of inspiration

Perhaps the most striking example of an inspiring water garden – Claude Monet’s Garden, the garden of Claude Monet. Yes, yes, that – the famous French impressionist.

It all began with an innocent and quite ordinary venture – buy a country station. In 1883, Claude Monet in search of peace and solitude he moved to live in the French countryside. Content with mere contemplation of the landscape artist was not going to – and immediately set about creating the perfect garden to your taste. A taste of the Monet was excellent!

The first step is a large area of 1 hectare of land acquired alley overgrown climbing roses. Then – a flower meadow.

In 1893, the artist bought another one, a neighboring plot of land – a swamp, “dilution” modest stream. Their own efforts and with the support of local authorities painter managed to create here a true Garden of Eden: weeping willow, bamboo, irises, rhododendrons, roses, nymphs, and the Japanese bridge, wreathed with wisteria.

Learn views from the master paintings? 40 years of his life Monet worked in the garden, and 20 of them he wrote his water garden. Who knows – maybe gardening and made it eventually so famous?

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