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Around the world make furniture from sawdust – it will surprise nobody. But in the West thriving and another trend – active use in the manufacture of wood furniture “is not the first freshness.” And it is not just shameful secret, but, on the contrary, a reason to be proud.

Some use the old days as a promotional occasion: just imagine that your table is made from an old Native American pie, which the Frenchman Albert Shogun personally traded the natives! But, apparently, the natives did not want to give the boat on the cheap: for the works of the designer asked a fortune.

Italian company Riva 1920 as a PR-move and use their own national property, one of the most recent collection is called BRICCOLE – these are wooden poles, which are tied in Venice gondola. The famous Italian city is changing, many bars, brikkole, standing in water for decades, are in demand.

However it is necessary to carefully collect, encourage creativity most famous designers (Philippe Starck, Paola Navone, Antonio Citterio, Matteo Thun, Carlo Colombo …) – and the response in the social circles provided. How to turn a beat-log (sorry for the bluntness) in a hanger rack or floor? In the showroom Riva 1920 really come as a museum of contemporary art. Prices, by the way, are appropriate.

On the Italian factory Faber also use antique wood, but on the other legend – there specialize in replicas of famous antiques.

Manufacturers of more democratic segment act differently. They go to Indonesia for teak and Chinese elm – beautiful, exotic wood. Buy timber from demolished farm buildings, they are removed from the nails and make furniture, sometimes not clearing the marks left by metal hinges.

Recycled wood is especially fond of Canadian and American furniture makers: BMB, Old Java, D-Bodhi. They call tick from which manufacture their products, antiques, or remanufactured. Products from antique teak can be bought in Russia, although we still have that many do not understand why to use the old, if you can cut a new one. Partly because the wood of pine, birch, ash, which is massively used in the region for a number of reasons not suitable for repeated reproduction.

Whether business tick. Its wood containing oily, resistant to rot, which provided her an excellent reputation in shipbuilding, construction of houses, furniture manufacturing. Thanks to these properties, the material is able to live several lives in different capacities.

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