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Aged mirrors

Natural or artificial
Mirrors are among the few things that paint old. Exfoliated amalgam, black spots, muddy stains and other marks of time only adds to their generosity and appeal.

Now the “battered life” mirrors are experiencing a real peak of popularity. To ensure everyone such instances, their masters to teach an old hand, and no worse than it does time itself.
Under natural conditions, the mirror age long before the “first wrinkle” will have to wait a few decades. As for the originals, even in the antique market them a bit – still fragile item, not all survive, and the rest are fabulous.

There is some prejudice against antique mirrors, it is believed that they are in the house bad energy. There are also more practical reasons – earlier to get the reflecting surface, it was covered with amalgam, which contains mercury – a heavy metal which evaporates on contact with air, which may well occur when the protective layer is broken. In our time, the amalgam of mirrors is not used, the glass cover with aluminum or other alloys.

Artificial aging – perfect. Moreover, that is a good handmade appearance might be very different from the originals.
You can order ready-made copies, the most beautiful and lots of it brought to us from the country mirrors – from Italy.

Have our workshops, which make old mirrors on individual orders. The big plus of samples which were added to force age, is that they may well be used for its intended purpose. They will maintain reflectivity as much as you want, take into account any wishes of the master.

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