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CLF Houses by Estudio BaBO

Architects Estudio Babo dressed three wooden houses in Patagonia, Argentina, painted black cypress, so that they will appear.

Some houses are made of wood of classical material, houses are painted in black color that gives a chic home.

All three houses are made of pine frames and wooden walls, and only a metal roof.

Rectangular buildings are connected to each other in a staggered formulate open space at the front and rear.

Intersecting angled roofs disguise the boundaries between the different dwellings and create sloping ceilings in some of the rooms.

Entrances are located beneath recessed porches, which give each house a partially sheltered driveway.

More cypress wood can be found inside the houses, where it is used for flooring, skirting boards, doors and window frames.

On the ground floor living room and kitchen facing each other across a small, partially covered patio, which are walls on three sides and come in a beautiful garden.

This wonderful hotel is located in a sparsely populated area with single-family homes have been built in accordance with the new planning rules to encourage restored row houses. People here feel cozy and comfortable.

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