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Country bathrooms – 10 of the best

Simple forms of private
One of the last one to focus on the design of the bathroom simple lines with a minimum of detail, but also choose to taper the bathroom, not angular model. Use a wall or floor, of copper to achieve a continuous line.

Choose fabrics with flowers
Bath gown in soft shades of blue, duck egg and denim. Roman blind to swallow pattern and striped chair covered with luxurious fabrics create a cozy atmosphere.

Lots of storage space
Built-in furniture is convenient for storing toiletries, and it can hide unsightly pipes are in a beautiful interior look ridiculous. Wall mounted toilet keeps floor clear, concise, impressive and unusual.

Relax in the spa room
Turn the bathroom into a tranquil retreat with beautiful shutters on windows and wirework chair. Towels with pretty cute butterfly motif are the perfect.

Hide toiletries
Rather sink is a great place to store toiletries and detergents and cosmetics. This one includes a comfortable box, and a convenient closet. Pool with a flat top provides a place to display and toiletries.

Bold effect
Label bathroom with oversized interesting letters. The letters relate to the ground painted the bathroom, while simple tiles in a mosaic arrangement to mitigate the effect. Add small touches of pink-colored accessories and gentle tones.

Put in a big shower
On self-legged bathtub, shower with large Krasova rose and circular shower ring provide a modern version dusha.Rakovina pedestal and Lloyd Loom chair finish rooms in a simple style.

Stripped-down style
In a small room, the choice of the country’s modern look with a bath surround, wall and floor tiles are decorated with slate tile effect. Natural, varnished wood and black and white prints in accordance with a simple design. Black is always good and elegant look of the interior.

Paint rustic effect
Wide and long planks of the bathroom to wash the panels are painted pale (protection against splashes of lacquer) to associate with the drawn bath.

Lead to a template
Add Krasova homespun feel with poppy pattern on the edge of the bath, funny warm floral blind and antique lace trim polke.Pletenom chair makes the space feel lived in and loved.

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