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Baroque in the residential project’s Greg Natale

Greg Natale is one of the leading designers of Australia and explore the universe, he represented to the project Clark Payne. Designer achieved remarkable effect by mixing parts of different models with the artistic style of the 17th century. Dark images filled with rich velvet flowers and fills the space, creating a beautiful environment. The interior is dominated by shades of light gray color mixed with white details, some cool atmosphere remains. Baroque things, high ceilings with white detailing on the walls of the expansion, simple colors, expressive chandeliers and cold beauty gives us the feeling that it is the European aristocratic residence is updated to our modern tastes and standards.

The living room is very nice and cozy. Perhaps the most important part of the decor, chandeliers dominate already surprising design. The master bedroom is nothing but the royal family. With precious colorful fabrics of velvet, combining the majestic blue colors, the bedroom can be reduced to a feature: the complex. Discovered by the Italians, but borrowed in Europe, as the Baroque style of art. Interior mixed but stylish and modern creates uniqueness.

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