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Christmas dining rooms

How to fit many guests?
Christmas Day is an excuse to please family and friends en masse so why not use a bench where you can so that you can squeeze all around the same table. Simple addition of a beautiful green color, is a great way to give another simple contemporary dining fine festive.


Add Mix-gray with metallic
Banquet seating another simple solution that works well for formal and family dining and business. Here, the combination of a beautiful gray and neutrals mixed with touches of metal creates a beautiful view to the old glass panels that add elegance and luxury.

Nice lighting
Pendant lights play a special role in creating comfort for lighting: chandeliers suspended three feet above the table top will shed light in the middle range, and down the line without distracting your guests in mind when they speak. Add candles and light from an open flame for maximum comfort.

Pay attention to detail
Edible tree decorations, such as heart-shaped cookies, a sweet way to personalize your holiday dishes. You will be able to prepare their own cookies are and show their creativity.


Choose red
You can never go wrong with red this time of year, it adds to the note activity, confidence and warmth to any scheme, so now is the time to red color to the limit, flowers, candles, utensils and napkins. Such colors are warm in the cold autumn and delight the eye.

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