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7 Ideas decorating Bedroom

Deep shades
The bedroom is your personal space where you can truly discover their design skills. Choose a bold and colorful bright purple or dark pink for the walls and team with a simple black, white and gray accents for a sophisticated, great view.

Stylish and attractive wallpaper look profitable and rich, you can afford to make bold patterns and bright colors with darker shades. Add flashes of gold and black that makes the room a luxurious holiday.


Velvet headboard
You can add instant beauty fabric headboard back button – well, if this fabric will be velvet. Most back at the head will also help break up a large expanse of wallpaper, so it does not overpower the room.


Variety of textures
Be inspired by the style of a luxurious hotel and a bunch of your bed with beautiful and colorful pillows and throws high. Vyirayte rich colors.


Black furniture with bright pink flowers
You can not spend a lot of money and buy a simple black paint and paint the furniture yourself. Dressing table was paired with a French-style chair, light and stunning, while the hot pink blind provides this region is not dull and dismal.


Room with glamorous accessories
Shine and shimmer well with dark wallpaper and adds luster to your interior, so that the scattering of a few bright pillows in the room will make all the difference.


Simply reflects the finish
Reflective trim, such as mirrors, glass and faceted design catch the eye and add interest. Dress simply-black console table with crystal effect drawer handles and top vase in smoked glass and mirror trinket box. Mirrors expand the room and make it more, sometimes even double. Mirrors can be placed on walls, cabinets.

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