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Bathroom decorating – 10 cozy updates

The bathroom in a country style
Do you want a bathroom in a country style? You will need a fast Glow shop, low cabinet color white eggshell. The interior is beautiful to look unusual vase or glass of fresh flowers. Bright towels and napkins. A couple of strokes, and our room was ready!

Magazine drawer or shelf for towels?
Make the bathroom in bright colors, even if your fixtures and fittings are modern, you can Add a box for old towels. Select now the white, brick shape wall tiles and square wall mounted basin. And do not be afraid to experiment!

Bar bathroom
You need to replace the old panel bath with tongue and grove on the old country-style bathroom. Either cut the boards to size or buy a ready-made bath panel. The paint is to choose soothing colors and retro flowers will go perfectly with the pale shades.

The color bars
Inject color in an all white bathroom with a strip of 10 cm x 10 cm tiles feature. Go to the deep hues navy and the team with the towels in Jewel-bright colors.

Shelf with wicker baskets
Rack can be filled with beautiful wicker basket with beautifully slozhennemi white towels to give your bathroom color and texture. Allocated to each member of your family for their baskets perdmetov cosmetics and personal care products.

POP colors
Fill in all the gaps, change the floor to stand out bright design, add a rubber mat and add bold towels to quickly update a bathroom.

Glossy and bright bathroom
Decorate a small bathroom with white cabinets with glitter. Keep a neutral wall tiles so that you can easily change accessories for mini-makeover.

Pearl shades
Moroccan-style interior many accessories low bench, to revitalize the traditional bathroom. Liven up the room lights, small bowls filled with luxurious soaps and fluffy towels in rich colors are inexpensive upgrade.

Monochrome look wise
By the traditional with a chic black and white bathroom look with checked tile – to finish with a personal touch, print out pictures of your loved ones and spread them in the room. This decision will certainly lift your spirits.

Bold colors

Select the paint for the walls a rich red raspberry, adding striped towels to a modern bathroom with bath autonomous feel warm and inviting. These colors will not apply invigorate you in the morning!

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