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Air Lace Installation

Susan Lenz is a long time drawing magic lace installations. She creates them from separately collected fragments, as much as crochet products. To create huge tracks Susan uses vintage linens with delicate lace decoration elements of table linen and Owned: tablecloths, napkins.

Susan creates his masterpieces in the studio, it’s a large room, which allows her to sit comfortably with such an unusual material. Her work often takes place on the floor. To analyze all the materials she has collected over the year, Susan ropes fastened to the ceiling.

Lace products not only require careful selection, sorting, and cut into fragments. At the momment sort Suzanne has developed a complete picture, and nothing will stop her from work or sultry heat, nor convenience. She is completely devoted himself to this picture.

For the picture, had to buy special fasteners in thin needles, they were about 1600. Foundation was made of tulle and pieces of “American” tulle.

Work on the design of installations is very tedious and difficult. Each pattern is displayed on the planned drawing semmetrichno lace, creating a single lace ensemble. Lumina fills small pieces of lace wedding gowns, towels and small crochet. Strong connection to last about 7 hours, and then Susie began to manual suturing of each item.

Curtain get the size of one hundred eight square meters. The scope of work, Susan is impressive and inspiring. The result was amazing!

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