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Organise Ideas for your Hallway

How to organise a hallway
Constantly clambering over clutter? Sort it out for good with these handy tips for a smart and practical hallway.

Fit narrow open shelves
Fit narrow open shelves so you can quickly grab what you need when you’re leaving the house in a hurry. Pretty lined wicker baskets will keep the area looking tidy, while adjustable shelves will make the most of your space. Remember to store laptop bags and handbags high up so the kids can’t reach them and tip the contents out.

Fix up a row of wall hooks
If you’ve got room, stagger your hooks at varying heights so the kids can reach them and to add visual interest. Allocate each member of the family a hook and, to avoid over-cluttering, keep out-of-season jackets somewhere else, such as the understairs cupboard.

Sort smaller storage
Buy small boxes for gloves, scarves and hats — The Holding Company has fun ones with pictures of the items on the outside.

Protect flooring
Invest in a stylish but practical doormat to catch dirt and debris before it enters your home, and protect your flooring or carpet with a hallway runner, too. Keep muddy wellies on a plastic tray — much more stylish than sheets of newspaper, plus it’s waterproof and easy to clean, too.

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