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Classic Dining Rooms Ideas

Georgian style
A large dining space is given a classic Georgian look with antique mahogany furniture set against rich blue paint. Long floral curtains in earthy tones hang over French doors to create warmth and intimacy during cold winter months.

Painted wood
Floor-length cream floral curtains and a bright striped rug add comfort and warmth to cool paint and hard flooring in this Nordic-inspired room, while painted wooden furniture and a decorative chandelier create a romantic and timeless look.

Feature window
Take inspiration from your favourite time of year- an interesting white curtain pelmet is reminiscent of fairground bunting in this cheerful white and pink dining room, and unique accessories such as a large candelabra and floral tablecloth will provide talking points for guests.

Clean white space
A clean white space creates a low-key look onto which an assortment of moods can be created through decoration and lighting, all according to occasion and time of year. Decorative details such as a foliage chandelier and antique mirror enhance the simple scheme, while deep purple dahlias add a dramatic hit of colour.

Double function room
For those without a separate room, a small dining area can sit neatly behind a sofa as part of a larger living space. When the table is not in use, it can be used like a mantelpiece, or sidetable, and dressed with flowers and attractive accessories. Alternatively, put it to use as a desk, somewhere for the children to do their homework or indulge in some arts and crafts.

Zoning within a larger area
A sleek bronze, two-shade light fitting and a neutral rug placed beneath the dark wooden table serve to focus attention on the dining area within this large extension space, creating an island around which a seating area and kitchen unobtrusively sit.

Contemporary farmhouse
A traditional display of cut crystal and Nanking and Delft china is brought up to date with a reclaimed wood dining table and large silver industrial pendant lights. Dark velvet studded chairs add a tailored note to a farmhouse look.

Scandinavian style
Soft teal paint, white wooden furniture, decorative glassware and romantic lighting are the key ingredients needed to recreate this look. A round table and comfortable armchairs make a cosy dining atmosphere, perfect for intimate dinners with loved ones.

Cool white and blue
Dashes of navy blue invigorate a clean white background in this nautical scheme while the open-fronted doors of the built-in bookcase allow its contents to add character to the room and provide a talking point for guests.

Dark wood and neutrals
Neutral colours and a cleverly placed mirrored wall keep this room feeling light and spacious against dark mahogany antique furniture. Contemporary artwork complements the colour scheme and keeps the look fresh and up-to-date.

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