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Drama Style Ideas for Dining Room

Dramatic dining room
The dining room is one place where you can go to town with a really dramatic scheme. Don’t shy away from the glamorous qualities of black. Far from being drab and depressing, it can bring a whole new depth to a room. Want to recreate the look? You can, in just 5 easy steps.

Give walls a moody colour
Deep, moody colours will make a space feel more intimate — perfect for entertaining — so hang a charcoal wallpaper with a hint of pattern on all four walls, or try it on a single feature wall if you don’t want such a full-on look.

Add a fluoro colour
Offset the dark backdrop with a vibrant accent colour to 
add depth and contrast. Here, a cheeky fuchsia pink was used, but most accent colours will work in a monochrome scheme. Limit your accent colour to roughly 5% of the scheme. Start by choosing a favourite vase or accessory, then pick out other pieces in the same colour, from table runners to flowers.

Fake wall panels
Break up an expanse 
of wall and create a talking point with eye-catching panelling. First, draw the shapes you want to create on your wall in pencil, then measure them to work out how much beading you’ll need. To get a neat finish at the corners, cut the beading using 
a small hacksaw at a 45˚ angle, then paint in your accent colour and fix to the wall with wood adhesive.

Make a focal point
Rescue those old family photos from the loft and get them up 
on the wall where you can actually enjoy them. Put the pictures in frames of varying shapes but a similar finish, then group together for impact, positioning a stand-out picture in an ornate frame in the centre.

Add depth with details
Stick to just 
a few oversized black and white accessories for maximum impact, but create a sophisticated look with a few decorative details. Glam up chairs with tasselled tiebacks, and add in a textures, with gloss and matt finishes, for a luxurious look. Use a variety of patterns, from stripes to damask, for added impact.

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