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Ideas for Country Gardens

Create mixed borders
Make the garden a natural progression from the house, with mixed borders edging a lawned pathway. For casual, cottage-style borders, include plants of varying heights and in a riot of colours.

Choose bulbs for early colour
Tulips are the ideal way to bring colour to the garden in spring. Buy bulbs in October to November and plant four to a one-and-a-half litre pot. Once they’re in leaf, plant them out in your chosen position.

Grow your own
Every country garden should have a spot given over to fruit, veg, herbs or salad. A raised trough will deter the slugs and is just the right height for easy picking. Paint with outdoor paint and finish with stencilled lettering.

Put in a pond
Attract wildlife including frogs and insects by putting in a pond in your garden. It can be done as a diy job if you’re willing to dig, and lined with a pond liner or a preformed pond. A pond is not advisable if you have young children.

Go wild with seeds
Devote a corner of the garden to wildflowers and help to save our fast-disappearing flora. Choose seeds of British origin and sew in March to April or September depending on type. Avoid fertilizer and manure, which encourage grasses rather than flowers.

Include a summerhouse
Provide an idyllic garden retreat with a summerhouse. Painted in a traditional cream and with a weather vane atop its roof, this is the perfect spot to escape the mid-day sun.

Material world
Pick the perfect hard-landscaping for your garden. A dry stone wall, stone chippings or pebbles laid over a patio and rustic garden furniture provide the perfect backdrop for potted plants and herbs.

Make an entrance
Enclosing a path from patio to garden with a simple archway gives the illusion of entering a large space, even in a small garden. The arch provides the perfect support for growing a clematis, rose, passion flower or honeysuckle.

Paint the fence and gate
Spruce up a garden gate with a fresh coat of paint in a country shade of subtle blue or green. Regular repainting will keep maintenance to a minimum, and brings colour to the garden during the bare winter months.

Make space for outdoor dining
Choose a tranquil spot for outdoor dining. A reclaimed table with zinc top and a rustic bench provide ample space for diners to sit shaded by an umbrella. Dress the table with fuchsia tableware and fresh peonies.

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