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Ideas for Home Staircases

Playful wall sticker staircase
The painted balusters add a shot of lush colour, while the creative wall stickers add a playful attribute to the staircase.

Useful storage staircase
Make use of every available inch and create a useful storage solution under the stairs. These bespoke shelves are divided into cubes – perfect for displaying mementoes.

Modern glass staircase
Incorporate a show-stopping glass staircase as a focal point in your home. This is also a fantastic solution for maximising natural light and creating an airy, spacious feel.

Mirror mosaic staircase
Make a feature out of your staircase with unusual details. These mirrored mosaics add definite glamour and wow-factor, and help illuminate the space by bouncing light.

Colourful runner staircase
Give your hallway hits of colour by adding some colourful rugs to your staircase. Keep walls pristine white to accentuate the look.

Tricky space staircase
Take up minimal floor space by commissioning a bespoke, alternative-tread staircase. Building regulations for stairs can be quite strict, but a clever designer could help you squeeze a staircase along these lines into a small area. This version is neatly tucked away behind closed doors.

Spell it out staircase
Give your staircase an instant update with a set of simple stencils, a tester pot of paint, and a steady hand.

Bold runner staircase
Update a classic Victorian hallway with a daring runner in animal print set off against white stairs.

Inspiring spiral staircase
Spiral staircases are not only great space-savers, they can make an interesting design feature, and become a real statement when placed in the middle of the room.

Minimal impact staircase
A glass screen is a good option for stairs leading into a basement where light is at a premium. Toughened glass balustrades are the modern solution to retaining views while providing security and safety for staircases.

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