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Modern Ideas for Decorating your Living Room

Restore original features
Beautifully restored original features sit comfortably alongside sleek, contemporary additions giving the living room a fresh and sophisticated look.

Expose brick work behind a library wall
The exposed brick and stripped-back flooring gives a rustic feel to this contemporary London home. Adding a designer chair and building floor-to-ceiling shelves to display all your wares completes the look.

Create moveable storage
This modernist living room has storage units on casters so the room can be moved around for parties without blocking the view or light.

Add mid-Century artwork
Create a mid-century living room with vintage classics, rich woods and muted tones and add hints of colour with some quirky artwork on the walls.

Make dramatic style statements
This living room has beautifully restored plasterwork and adding a few statement pieces, like the yellow sofa and antique chandelier, really pulls the look together and complements the original features.

Create a glamorous living area
Grown-up glamour is key to this living room look and having low seating makes it great for entertaining, while the bursts of green really stand out against the high ceilings, period features and white furniture.

Create a romantic atmosphere
Use delicate pinky pastels to create a romantic atmosphere, and allow statement pieces, like this gilt mirror and plum velvet chair to stand out.

Mix colour and pattern
Mixing intense colours and pattern, with piles of cushions, low-level seating and layered rugs will create an urban Bedouin-style living room.

Mix bold pattern
By mixing disparate elements, such as florals, applique and artisan crafts together, will create a dramatic look against a clean white background.

Travel inspired living room
This living room combines modern lines with cosy opulence inspired by travel resulting in a daring mix of unexpected ingredients.

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