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A comfortable chair lounger

This chair is constructed of natural felt, wool and leather, ALSO INCLUDES STRUCTURAL METAL AND WOODEN FRAME, who helps chair folds and unfolds; it can be easy to carry with you on trips and long journeys.


Dining Chair by Benjamin Hubert

Dining chair Pelt was created by Benjamin Hubert, this wonderful chair was made in the UK. The chair consists of a material such as plywood. Philosophy: simple concise form chair Pelt achieved through technology wraps the plywood sheet wooden frame.


The idea of how old benches to make a new

Do you value your old stuff? Or throw them in the trash? These things can be helpful. Not in the sense of the old stuff that is already fray in parts, namely the things our grandmothers. Which can still be given a second chance, a little altered, transformed by our modern pace of life, our interior.

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