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A beautiful combination of aged wood and metal

The combination of artificially aged wood and metal combination creates a strong design in one piece of furniture, or in the room. The essence of artificially aged wood, aged metal underlined stiffness, combines the full identity and the visual volume. Distressed metal and wood – natural materials and therefore their unique beauty. Full of color and texture, these two elements will fill any space with energy. Have you started a repair in your home or just want to work with the trend in its space, see our photos for inspiration. Mixing materials have never been so bright.


Beautiful Eco-hanger made ​​of wood

Back in 2007, Ryan Frank invented Grapple, but it was lacking something. And now, in collaboration with TAPEgear, Ryan has created an updated version of the hanger, just an idea inspired by the industrial hooks. This is not just environmentally friendly product, but an entirely new perspective on the natural material.


Plantable beautiful table with plants

Designers of the British studio JAILmake offer to grow greens for dinner, literally not leaving the table. Dining table Plantable – development of designers Liam Healy (Liam Healy) and Jamie Elliot (Jamie Elliott) from the studio JAILmake, located in South East London.


Funny and unusual houses for birds

If you like the singing of birds is to hang a birdhouse, and that it was not just a small house for birds, but also unusual decoration for your garden – do it some unusual. For example, it is just possible to make a bird house out of an old teapot. And to what does not only come up with ideas for wooden birdhouses . Someone is doing in a barrel, someone – a miniature of the house with windows, a veranda roof with a chimney. Someone paints the birdhouse paints, someone – leaving unpainted wood.


Wood Casting – furniture made of metal and wood from Hilla Shamia

Wood Casting – a line of furniture created by designer Hilla Shamia of burnt wood and aluminum. The logs of trees and cast aluminum are present in several pieces of furniture. The combination of wood and metal creates a unique design and look. Visible traces of the molten metal through cracks of wood, while the surfaces of metal and wood have irregular patterns.


H-Chair by Eric Chang and Johnny Hu

Taiwanese designers Eric Chang and Johnny Hu of the Berlin company “E & J Design Studio” in cooperation with “Tischlerei Bächer” unique chair called Beams Chair. This lightweight wooden chair inspired by H-beam structure of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The design consists of three different types of wood, bent plywood, multiplex and aircraft plywood.


Lamp “Crimean bump”

Designer Pavel Eekra created light “Crimean pine cone.” It consists of 56 one and a half thick plates and screws, and are not required for the assembly of additional items. The plates are made of natural wood veneer, beech or maple, thus symbolizing the merger of industrial design and nature. Lamp gives the room a soft glow and comes unassembled. Incoming search terms: wooden lamp

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