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Children’s lamp in the form of clouds

This cloud was made for children’s rooms, and a lamp, night light as well. This wonderful lamp has created a Japanese master – Zhao Liping. Such a lamp will be enjoyed by any child. A model of this lamp looks very realistic, and even with the long view it seems to be floating in the air.


Lamps like branches of a tree

These lamps are called Kaji lamp. Kaji in translation is the “branch.” Natural abstraction, expressed in teak wood and steel. And just beautiful and wonderful lamp, which embellish your interior.


Funny lamp made ​​of wood

This wonderful lamp-Pencil was coined by Norwegian designer Caroline Olsson and can be used as a reading light, and a container for office supplies. According to the designer, “this functional lamp may be a necessary thing on your desktop, while taking up little space. Be sure to put it in your favorite pencils, pens, brushes, and anything you want to work – and they should spur your desire to write and draw! The screw mechanism configured with rather old technology turning metals, which makes it both extremely reliable and simple.


Retro hand-made lamp

This is a very simple master class on making handmade lamp for your kitchen, for winter gatherings and simple little joy in every day. It’s so simple, that in addition to the required materials from virtually nothing you do not need, though, good humor does not hurt at all! So, for making such a wonderful lamp handmade, we need a few dozen wooden multicolored beads, yarn, metal rings in two sizes, scissors and a paper clip.

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