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Huge clothespins as hanger

These hooks are made in the form of large pegs, they can cling to clothing, hats, and scarves, clips look very unusual, and they are huge, as if owned by the giants. Moreover such hardware is resistant to bad weather conditions and can be used on the street. The idea is very simple and interesting at the same time.


The Japanese garden in the Mediterranean

Looks very unusual Japanese garden in the Mediterranean. This combination has become possible only because of resourcefulness landscape designer. This two styles – Mediterranean and Japanese, are organically combined in the plot. The geometry of the lines very well fit into the natural surroundings proportions Japanese garden. Designer turned reddish color schemes that match the colors of the house. Japanese vegetation is doing well in this area, because the climate here is perfect for her. Japanese maple, pine, barberries are at home. Three of the reservoir, in addition to the pool were fitted on the site: a cascading waterfall, stream…

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