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Comfortable seat and cocoon of Kumeko

Of course this could only come up with the Japanese (at a design studio based in Prague). Snug – the name of this ottoman, consists of a soft interior cushion surrounded sleeve which creates a cozy shell enveloping the user. Strap sewn into the top of the sleeve allows you to adjust the width to support your body in a variety of convenient locations. If the people around you really got, you can fully tighten the upper exit, lie on your side and cry.


Ideas for the Garden

In this collection there is nothing extraordinary and revolutionary – all decisions are quite traditional, but they are great to be able to decorate your garden, even if it is large.


Design Ideas for dining room

If you’re looking for inspiration to design dining room, then these options are selected from a variety of different workshops portfolio, need to get the creative process takes place in your head quickly and efficiently. Designed by Andrey Golubev. This cozy blue with white country-style looks like a very nice option for the interior, full of charm and understated style. Slightly inconsistent with each other wood tones in the surrounding furniture continue this feeling of ease. It creates the effect as if the room was not specifically created just such and became what has become, over time, moving a lot…


Italian furniture Clever

Clever Italian company released a series of sets of furniture for children’s and teen rooms equipped with work stations, which can be modeled and adjusted according to your need. A wide variety of tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards and cabinets are very functional and still look great – your young genius will be glad to learn in such an atmosphere. Modular table with sliding shelves and tables attached modern chic interior design and very easy to use. Boxes on wheels can be moved to make room for more active pursuits and deserved lunch breaks. Flashy, vibrant colors make the space a…


Getting ready for winter with IKEA. Jars, racks and accessories

At IKEA is not only a lot of furniture for a different taste, but also a variety of trifles. In truth, IKEA can be called not just furniture, but also a place where there are thousands of little things for your home. Today in the “Chest of ideas for your home,” we publish dozens of accessories that may be needed during the winter. Incoming search terms: ikea bedroom , авито прокопьевск весы икеа орднинг по россии купить


Stylish Leaf hydroponic system

Agree always good to have fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden, but it’s like a dream for many who live urban apartments. That is the reason why the concept of hydroponic gardening and living walls become so popular these days. Enter Leaf, modular and compact hydroponic system you can use to grow a variety of plants, vegetables. Design Hodge Mitchell leaves hydroponic system secures to your walls and use passive hydroponics feed moisture for plants. This is a great option for those who do not want to buy vegetables from pestsitsidami that were processed chemicals.


10 Super Chic DIY Headboard Ideas

Decorating your bedroom can make a pillow vydleit beautiful and bright colors. There are so many ideas for the back, you can get a very interesting and beautiful, without having to make a general head. Beautiful back can save your money and show your creativity. People use a variety of materials, ranging from mirrors, wall decals to door frames and picket fences to create beautiful unique backs, and come up with ideas for one can sometimes be difficult. Many times it is difficult to determine that the head will fit your decor. Or, perhaps, you have a limited budget and…

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