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The lamp in the spirit of sea travel

Next original idea ceiling lighting designer Alexander Jowett found in Canada. Lamp, which is a thick ship ropes with a bulb at the end. Such a thing is useful in the design of the living rooms and children’s rooms in the spirit of travel, interiors, with sea and pirate theme (such). Light of the rope can also be used in the decoration of residential and public buildings urban style.


Sexy Urban Loft with Chicago Views

In a private loft residence in Chicago, Illinois, an incredulous renovation was contrived by taking two old apartments, gutting them and merging them into one beautiful space. With voluminous ceilings and immense windows this loft transformation was completed by Chicago-based firm jamesthomas. The timber loft building was once used for commercial purposes, so the designers left the original duct work and Douglas fir ceiling intact to preserve some of the historical presence. Both of the units had mezzanine levels which were demolished in order to take advantage of the main room’s soaring 18-foot high ceilings. Incoming search terms: loft ,…


‘Shelter of Nostalgia’ Modern Idea by Worapong Manupipatong

Manupipatong’s Shelter of Nostalgia is currently on exhibit at the BACC, featured in the show “Politics of ME;” a show focused on different artist’s personal experiences, now through August 12th, 2012. The piece aims to bring both adults and children back to a familiar place and give the user a place to dream, to imagine and to ultimately be free. Manupipatong’s vision was to bring back memories to adults of what it was like to have smaller bodies like a child. The minimalist structure, built of pine, encircles a column as three hut-like structures stack on top of one another…


Urban Garden Ideas

Add a splash of indulgence An outdoor shower can add a luxe feel to your outside space and a touch of indulgence on a hot summer day, and no garden or terrace is too small to accommodate one. Incoming search terms: home gardens

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