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White beautiful chandeliers

The prototype for the creation of a collection of drop-shaped chandeliers of snow-white ceramics «Le Trulle» from the company Karman were typical gabled roof traditional houses in Puglia, the easternmost region of Italy. However, this light will suit more for a concise modern interior room than in a country style – fancy designer Edmondo Testaguzza significantly transformed the original sample.


The idea of how old benches to make a new

Do you value your old stuff? Or throw them in the trash? These things can be helpful. Not in the sense of the old stuff that is already fray in parts, namely the things our grandmothers. Which can still be given a second chance, a little altered, transformed by our modern pace of life, our interior.


Flowers on your balcony as the beautiful garden

With the arrival of the heat, many residents of megacities go to cottages, to admire the verdant trees and shrubs, as well as primroses. And throughout the summer vacationers will be able to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy their fragrance. Do not be upset by urban dwellers who do not have suburban areas. Organize a mini garden can be on your balcony and just a modest area, not to mention the premises and more. The main thing – to bring the love of nature and beauty in your heart, and then the transformation of the banal balcony…


Residential house in England

Architects AR Design Studio realized the project Stables. The historic barn was transformed into a modern residence with three bedrooms in rural county of Hampshire in southern England. The main objective was to preserve the unique character of the building and make new additions, creating a bright and open space within the existing constraints. The original wooden walls have become a key element in the interior of the house. They were supplemented by some pieces of furniture made ​​of wood, and a number of glossy surfaces in the continuation of a snow-white finish.


Folding bed

Folding bed this company can easily be transformed into tables, cabinets, shelves and other pieces of furniture during the day and are comfortable beds at night and of course the main purpose of these beds Transformers – save our living space. Here for example bed MR. HIDE – at first glance, an ordinary sofa, and turns once in three beds.


Doppeldecker Table hides your workspace to double as a dining table

This word was coined for those people who have no special place for cabinets and steel, this model is versatile and can easily be transformed to suit you. Design Bernotat & Co, table Doppeldecker easily hide your workspace, and can easily turn into a dining table. The table has two levels to combine work and leisure in one unit. Table Doppeldecker, you do not have to worry about cleaning the work area every time you want a cup of tea with friends or dinner with the family. You can remove all predmetty, and close the lid, and the table is…

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