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Funny Light “Scatting dog”

Modern designers from Sweden have created fun and interesting light fixtures in an unusual manner. At the foot of the lamp is the character that looks like a dog that goes to the toilet on the big one. To be convincing a handful of designers has made the switch to which you can come by foot. Among the people in these fixtures is a great interest, and they are often buying.


Gorgeous cottage is bright red

The main feature of this house, is unconditional, it is the location – a hill overlooking a lake in the northern part of Sweden. During construction the owners wanted as little as possible to change something in the landscape, so the house is now surrounded by the untouched trees, meadows and hillsides. Interior space is decorated with extraordinary love and inspiration, and the white color gives it a “lightness” home.


The cozy loft apartment in Stockholm

Stunning loft with three bedrooms, a spacious living room and two large balconies located in Stockholm, Sweden. Area of ​​residence is 136 square meters. The spacious living area combines a recreation room with fireplace, dining room and kitchen. The white walls and an open floor plan visually expand the space. The very contrast with the wooden beams on the ceiling and brick wall in the hallway. Bright accents in the form of furniture, accessories and art objects are responsible for creating a cozy atmosphere.


Cabinet-style LEGO

Sweden – is not only the birthplace of Carlson and group ABBA, but also a place where there are always new names in fashion and design. Young Swedish furniture brand A2, created in 2009 on the basis of the eponymous design studio, in their collections professes innovative and different innovative thinking. Purpose – to show the familiar objects of interior in the new and unusual design. Own production in the historical province of Småland, in southern Sweden, said that the intentions of the fastest growing companies the most serious. Not long ago, young Swedish enthusiasts presented a collection of colorful…


Beautiful Mess Home in Sweden

This 60 square meter home in Sweden is a beautiful mussy space with colorful knickknacks, quirky prints and vintage articles. A bigger part of this tiny home is a large lounge while leaving ample space for a kitchen, bedroom, bath and a pocket garden. Helping make this home look bigger is that most part of the walls are painted in white and large windows that go with it. In spite of its size, this home oozes with happy vibe.


Inclined Residences by Waldemarson Berglund

Stockholm-based studio Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter have designed the Are Solbringen Residences in Northern Sweden. These three timber residences are built to follow the steep slope of the landscape on which they sit, boasting a strikingly slanted effect.

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