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Transfiguration old chair

The original method of painting that transforms an old chair, pylivshiysya in a shed in the furniture that is not ashamed to offer guests and put on the summer terrace. If you have some old chairs that are already worn out, and ashamed to expose guests, you can transform their appearance with paint, applied in a special way. The whole idea of this painting is to change the color of the surface smoothly, from the top down, from lighter to darker colors. As a result of an old chair can be made the subject of design skill, and then spend…


Garnish with a summer terrace

Use of tissue – this romantic and practical solution. When choosing fabrics for decorating terraces or other rest areas (pergolas, gazebos, tents, canopies) adhere to the following principles: Garden or terrace is best to choose natural fabrics – linen and cotton, they are well miss the fresh air. Such fabrics to choose white or light pastel tones. Range of artificial tissue has its advantages – unlimited color palette and resistance to fading. Such fabrics like organza, have to be translucent. Usually the fabric is chosen either to match outdoor furniture, or as a contrast color scheme. Here you can create…

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