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Modern table Ramus in the interior

Ramus is translated from Latin as “branch”. This design-studio Il Hoon Roh. The very branch-backup is made of carbon fiber, and so it seems that it is a structure of a tree. Outer surface – glass. Branching branch for the designers to symbolize the potential of the material and the stability of the table. This is not the first time that designers borrow forms from nature, focusing on their ability, when natural increases the potential of the material. Carbon fiber is used in fighter aircraft, Formula 1 cars, space ships. Also on the table used an aluminum alloy and stainless steel.


Cheerful and uplifting light

«LMBox» – this is an inspiring and uplifting lamp, created by Norwegian design studio Domaas / Høgh. This square is a masterpiece of two luminous surfaces, as well as the magnets is hidden inside the wooden side panels. If put to use a variety of magnetic elements, the lamp can be used for a variety of functions, and not just for lightning. The lamp is made of birch wood and steel.


House by Keith Baker Design

House by Keith Baker Design This lovely house is located in Victoria, British Columbia has developed designer Keith Baker, who built Review events. In 2008, this wonderful house has received 10 gold medals, also was included in the Best Project of the Year and Best home in Canada. Set the house of Garry Oaks on a rocky slope, Armada House is a perfect combination of glass, steel, concrete and wood look great. Warmth and comfort will never leave the walls of this beautiful house. Incoming search terms: beautiful house , best house , the best house , wonderful house

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