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På Sofflocket Sofa by Nilsson

Swedish design students, Emma Nilsson, Johanna Westin and Lisa Frode made sofa “På Sofflocket. To design using traditional and modern methods to rethink and adapt the common kitchen sofa. The design offers the same features that make the bench and simple, but with the present. Boxes are hidden under the seat, is divided into two parts, designed to store any items. Located on the back shelf for books and magazines. The stand is made of Swedish pine.


Creative Idea by Stephan Copeland – ‘Free Stand’

Free Stand is a minimalist design created by USA-based industrial designer Stephan Copeland for Coalesse. The mini desk is perfect for our generation of tech-savvy individuals. The design is ideal for use on a cour or lounge chair due to its adjustable height from 19.5″ to 27″. The entire design can be folded into a compact form of no more than 5″ high. There is also a built-in handle to conveniently carry the desk from space to space. When not in use, Free Stand can quickly become invisible by being hidden underneath a desk or the couch.

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