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Shelf and coat rack all in one

These shelf Latvian designers have created a studio MAJO, thanks to this shelf can store a variety of accessories that can be hung in the closet. Shelves made of aluminum, and have been powder coated. The client can choose the color according to taste.


Regiment in the Egyptian style

Cyril of Carnets Parisiens lives in a suburb of Paris, but he dreams of a cottage in the mountains. Today, she offers to make a shelf in the Egyptian style of a mountain spirit. To create a shelf do not need to be an experienced carpenter, you only need a little bit of free time so limber.


Wooden shelf for a bicycle

All of us sooner or later, we can wonder how and where to store the bike in the apartment. We recommend that you do not reinvent the wheel, use a ready-made solution. Very simple shelf, which is not enough that serves as a fastener for the bike, so also works as a shelf! This solution saves space, which is one of the major challenges for bicycle storage in the apartment.


Modern kitchen design

Skyline Lab original kitchen of the Italian company Snaidero. The firm was established in 1946, not only does the kitchen and has many design awards. At first, we make a small digression and ask the rhetorical question: why should a rectangular table top? If a person is put in an imaginary center of his working space, the most convenient and close to him to reach out to the required items will be around. Skyline is one of the few where this approach was successfully entered into the overall concept: availability (when all you need at hand), comfort and ergonomics. The…


Madame ottoman by Studio Szpunar

Mega find. Interesting furniture has become increasingly flow into our lives! You can imagine that a simple stool and you can serve as a table for the computer, or as a shelf for books or things? I also could not imagine until I saw! This has created a mega furniture polish Studio Szpunar

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