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Convertible bed from Private Red Nest

Foreign designers have come up have created a unique bed design that will help you not only relax, but also to retire from prying eyes – the way psychologists also recommend that you have your own private place, which is not available even to the people closest to you. The most important for privacy is something that we feel comfortable and able to enjoy our personal space – it’s a decision bed furniture Private Red Nest. Private Red Nest refers to the subjects of modular furniture that is suitable for small spaces.


Modular furniture Stadtnomaden

German company based in Stuttgart Stadtnomaden, made more than a few lines of modern furniture, rather, their designers have developed a unified approach to the production of a comfortable multi-purpose furniture. Whether it’s a bed, sofa or kitchen – separate pieces of furniture are easily recognizable, are assembled in the correct combination for the customer. Consider this approach to a bed: no matter what size you have chosen a mattress, frame elements are adjusted to size, can be easily adjusted by the location and height.

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