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Mirror and the simplest things

The red color is quite aggressive and challenging, but at the same time, and quite attractive. This color is the color of love, and at the same time (for example, the young man in love often brings her favorite rose is red), and the color of blood, and the color of passion (for example, the owner of the red dresses will stand out against the background of white and black dresses), and the color. To morning was cheerful and joyous few mirrors in the red part will lift your mood. We will need plastic spoons (+ -200 pc), cardboard, glue…


Apartment in a new building on Leninsky Prospekt

Sergey and Marina bought their flat in a new building on Leninsky prospect in 2010. The repair took one more year. Marina made acquaintance with the designer Natalia Lebedeva long ago during the repair of another apartment. The relations designer – customer turned into a close friendship since that time, and Natalia thought out a new apartment again. Notwithstanding that the apartment is located on the 32nd floor of a new building, difficulties occurred with a free layout and walls: the space was broken and geometric. The owners wanted to leave as much open space as possible at a small…


Wardrobe from Hosun Ching

Designer Hosun Ching created the wardrobe for his senior project. It can safely be called “smart cabinet” because it opens a mini-fitting mirrors to see the beauty of the costumes from every angle. According to the designer: “The depth of a standard wardrobe 60cm. too little, is impossible. With takimrazmerom cabinet, you literally lose sight of your clothes and prostone notice things that have not worn. Wardrobe – etosmart device designed for storage solutions. The most important thing in these models – the organization and visibility. Incoming search terms: wardrobe


Aged mirrors

Natural or artificial Mirrors are among the few things that paint old. Exfoliated amalgam, black spots, muddy stains and other marks of time only adds to their generosity and appeal. Incoming search terms: aged mirror , old mirrors


10 Super Chic DIY Headboard Ideas

Decorating your bedroom can make a pillow vydleit beautiful and bright colors. There are so many ideas for the back, you can get a very interesting and beautiful, without having to make a general head. Beautiful back can save your money and show your creativity. People use a variety of materials, ranging from mirrors, wall decals to door frames and picket fences to create beautiful unique backs, and come up with ideas for one can sometimes be difficult. Many times it is difficult to determine that the head will fit your decor. Or, perhaps, you have a limited budget and…


Mirrors collection

This eriya mirrors designed to lean against the wall, leaning on a long tubular steel legs with a cork leg. They are available in black, and three different forms. On the back there is a hole for hanging wall. The frame is made of steel pipe cap over your legs for a soft stand on the floor. All mirrors handmade and they are made in Spain. Mirrors collection was designed for the new Spanish home accessories design and manufacturer omelette’s. Omelet was established in 2010 by three young designers who decided to bet on yourself in order to predict the…

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