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Finishing off your living room

You’ve just moved into your dream house and have already bought all of the essential items you will need. However, something is still lacking in your living room, leaving it feeling bare and unfinished. These top tips will help you transform your living room from a minimalistic shell, to a cosy and inviting lounge. Soft Furnishings One way to instantly make your room seem more homely is with soft furnishings. A sofa with no cushions can look bare and unappealing. Invest in a mixture of plain and detailed cushions to add both comfort and style to your sofa. Contrasting bright…


Multilevel apartment in a former laundry

Multilevel apartment in the former laundry with a separate entrance, rack-staircase and underfloor wardrobe room. HOSTS Yury – a producer, Evgeniya – an architect, Petya – their son NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 METRIC AREA 80 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 3.8 m Yury, Evgeniya and their son Peter moved into their apartment on Kamennoostrovskoy prospect of Petrogradskaya storona in June 2010. The family head always dreamed to live in this house because of its unusual history. The building was built for St. Petersburg professors by order of the Culture Ministry in 1956. There was a separate entrance on the first floor, some…


Creative Idea by Stephan Copeland – ‘Free Stand’

Free Stand is a minimalist design created by USA-based industrial designer Stephan Copeland for Coalesse. The mini desk is perfect for our generation of tech-savvy individuals. The design is ideal for use on a cour or lounge chair due to its adjustable height from 19.5″ to 27″. The entire design can be folded into a compact form of no more than 5″ high. There is also a built-in handle to conveniently carry the desk from space to space. When not in use, Free Stand can quickly become invisible by being hidden underneath a desk or the couch.


MOOMOO Architect’s Idea – Reykjavik House

Reykjavik House is a minimalist home located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and designed by MOOMOO Architects. The form is plain white with wide glazings – respective of the ambiance and simplicity of the surrounding landscape. Two of the walls are mostly covered in order to provide privacy from the neighbors. The glazings on the side of the house slide open for use in warmer seasons. While the exterior is completely white, the interior has instances of birch wood accents. The floor plan is divided into four main sections: the bedroom, garage, children’s area, and living area. Believe it or not, I…


Minimal Chair by Gabriele E Oscar Buratti

Ley is a minimal chair designed by Milan-based designer Gabriele E Oscar Buratti for Poliform. The chair is constructed of natural and spessart oak. The chair is upholstered in a raw hide which conforms to the chair‘s elegant curves. This is the super-model of chairs. If Gisele Bundchen was a chair, Ley would be that chair. In all seriousness, the curves, the craftsmanship, and the minimal design have an astounding appeal for me. I love how the natural hide subtly flexes toward the legs in a continuous flow of those beautiful G2 blend surface curves.

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