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Ideas for the Garden

In this collection there is nothing extraordinary and revolutionary – all decisions are quite traditional, but they are great to be able to decorate your garden, even if it is large.


Ideas for the design of attic and roof spaces

This post will be very useful for those who build their house or is it already the proud owner. How many stories have not been in a private house or high-to-date now overall, but the one-story house with the architectural styling in an Alpine chalet style – one way or another, in a certain part of the house there attic or attic space, which is a must to make the most creative and cozy place in the house , in any case, not taking his utilitarian function! – The authors of the interiors of our multi-faceted “Attic-loft” collection.


Are inspired by Christmas and New Year

Soon Christmas and New Year! What helps you to create a Christmas mood? Someone answered – music, someone said that he was looking Christmas movies, some just look out the window to see the snow and feel that the new year is approaching. Some of these ideas is easy to implement in the home, not only in the apartment, but in a hostel with a few resources and without using the available tools.


Getting ready for winter with IKEA. Jars, racks and accessories

At IKEA is not only a lot of furniture for a different taste, but also a variety of trifles. In truth, IKEA can be called not just furniture, but also a place where there are thousands of little things for your home. Today in the “Chest of ideas for your home,” we publish dozens of accessories that may be needed during the winter. Incoming search terms: ikea bedroom , авито прокопьевск весы икеа орднинг по россии купить

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