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Furniture Collection

When someone finds a new way of working with materials worth attention. When this man to think and create machine especially apply their ideas and create unusual objects as a result of a combination of materials, that man worths onions. Antonio Alvarez is that person and you are invited to see its unique products and the method he used to create it. As a result, the objects can be considered quite a lot of furniture, how they work and are functional objects. Pieces of wood (recycled or new) are held together by a few threads bathed in glue.


Finds home in the style of Shabby Chic

Shabby chic / shabby chic – the name of the style in interior decoration and fashion. Its main characteristic is the name of style, it’s kind of worn and ripped things. Things in the Shabby Chic style – these are things with history, ideally vintage, but you can get fashionable “worn” and independently, using different techniques. Shabby to choose interior furniture, household goods and decorative elements in bright pastel colors, such as white, cream, blue, green, off-pink. For style by: small floral prints, plain ornaments. Furniture in a style easily fit in Farm and country decor. Thus, the paint peeling…


Altdeutsche Möbel – a new collection of furniture from Moooi

Dutch brand Moooi is Altdeutsche Möbel – a new collection of furniture, consisting of a chest high pendulum clocks and cabinets. Series is designed Dutch-Belgian design duo Studio Job, it is made in the style of ancient Frankish decorative items, hand painted. The collection is presented at the Milan Design Week 2012 and is made of pine.


Textiles IKEA. Path 2013

As is known, in 2013, IKEA (IKEA), decided to focus not on the furniture, and in textiles. That is why in the new catalog so much attention paid to the various tissues and design furniture. In order to understand whether you need to buy this or that textiles easier once to see how it will look in a room or applicable to any interior. We suggest that you look at the different options of interior decoration from IKEA, before you go to the store.


7 Designed for small apartments

The focus of the designer shared design of walls and partitions, which makes a small apartment interesting and allows you to properly arrange bed.



Around the world make furniture from sawdust – it will surprise nobody. But in the West thriving and another trend – active use in the manufacture of wood furniture “is not the first freshness.” And it is not just shameful secret, but, on the contrary, a reason to be proud.


Ceramic Candlestick

French chandeliers made designer Marie Dessuant sold with convenient interior compartments and were designed for the British brand furniture elsewhere.

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