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Storage Credenza Covered in Eclectic Corian Samples

After the re-use of feeling better than when items will be re-purposed into furniture or art that can be proudly displayed in your home. Especially the fact that it becomes part of the conversation, such as pixel Credenza. With Jay Watson Design, pixel altar, last season colorfully painted and colorful patterns are swiped up to cover the facade of the altar of birch plywood. These amazing 2 × 2 squares to create amazing colorful abstract (while geometric) model, complete with touch-latch cabinets and some boxes will come in handy as a bar, and storage utensils.


“The Glass Pavilion” by Steve Herman

This is a modern miracle – the handiwork of the California architect Steve Hermann (Steve Hermann). The so-called “Glass Pavilion”, is located on 14,000 square feet, is priced at auction Sotheby’s estate at $ 24 million. The house has five bedrooms, finishing in which, as well, and the rest of the interior, were used the most modern and expensive materials. Interior pieces matched perfectly – even had not come, they were going from different parts of the world! Stunning architectural style combined with unique details of decor creates a feeling of luxury and perfect taste. The house is surrounded by…


Tappo: a table, a lamp made ​​of cardboard. Eco-design of Giorgio Caporaso

Cardboard furniture often frighten those who carelessly pays utilities and, therefore, will soon be forced to live frugally and simply. While designers are experimenting with cardboard vengeance and similar materials, building of these amazing eco-projects of modern furniture that would be the envy and people are used to living in a big way. For example, a wonderful low table Tappo, he’s lamp from Giorgio Caporaso, also included in the list of “cardboard” projects, though here only of cardboard base frame basis. Elegant and versatile decorative element, the original table Tappo will always blend in with the room decor and are…


Ideas for the luxury bedroom

Luxurious bedroom furniture is designed to be stylish and elegant to make this room the most mysterious and intimate part of the house. For a truly royal dream is to afford the luxury of a double bed. Appreciate you this amazing collection and find the most suitable for your bed. Luxury bedroom in walnut covered with gold, gold is coated inserts made ​​of ivory. Luxurious collection is made up of fine wood processed in combination with luxurious carved details and covered with gold leaf. Incoming search terms: luxury bedrooms , luxury bedroom , luxury bedroom ideas


Application to a series of furniture by Richard Hutten for Artifort

Dutch designer Richard Guttenom was created series of applications for the furniture brand Artifort. The design of sofas and chairs in the series, based on the types of the icon screen smartphone. The manufacturer offers this description of the product – it is a “cube with rounded corners, as an icon on the device’s screen.” Comfort is provided by the use of Annex wooden inner frame and weaving cobwebs in the back, which enhances the natural comfort of a thick layer of foam. Upholstery these applications can be performed with one or two different fabrics; as there are variations: Single…


A piece of tradition in the system of shelves KiBiSi

Danish design studio created KiBiSi Slice – shelves of old traditions. This furniture is made of birch plywood. The designer says, “The main feature of these stands is to use a piece of plywood. In the assembly, sliced ​​veneers are combined to create individual cells, which provide optimum flexibility in the system rack and, more importantly, they can be adapted for children and adults. SLICE – is a new design made ​​for everyday use, a clear result of crossing the elements and attributes of the various models. This shelf is very simple, it is not an expensive design, it is…


Takka – furniture collection series Agnieszka

In Poland, on the basis of design construction Agnieszka Mazur, had created a series of furniture called – Takka. Mnogofunktsionalnyynabor furniture designed for small and closed prostranstv.Komplekt furniture consists of a table and two chairs. Height stolareguliruetsya with a specially designed screw-butterfly. The design of the table allows you to use it as a table – with a height of 75 cm and a coffee with the height – 48 cm when the table is not used, it is possible to save space folded chairs – substituting them to the table.

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