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Beautiful design country house in America

The owners bought an old little house, which stood on this spot, a few years ago, it was torn down and built a new house to come here for the weekend with family and friends. Construction was carried out over several years. Now the two-storey house of 450 square meters with five bedrooms, terracotta floors, pool, fireplace and a covered veranda for sale for five million dollars


Furniture origami

What a pleasure to sit with friends over a round table, but in small flats and rooms to keep such a table is simply nowhere. Here we have the support of the designer Nils Frederking with the idea of ​​a folding table – origami. By this table and chair also provides origami. When removed from the lock folding table is set and lightly turns into a full-fledged big round table. In the folded state as a table is just 8 inches. In the same way are collected and chairs origami, their compact design allows you to store 22 of these…

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