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Vinyl and bright chair

Extravagant ARMCHAIR from a young Korean designer Lie Sihun – bright chair of crumpled vinyl, which is a collection of Anitya, but his appearance stands out among other products. Unusual multi-colored chair suitable for the modern interior, will make it more vivid and interesting.


Universal extravagant bed Cubed Bed

Extravagant bed Cubed Bed ready to break all notions of traditional cozy bedroom, to create on its ruins something extraordinary and provoking creativity. Bed, designed by Italian designer Francesco Paduano (Francesca Paduano) for a manufacturer Bolzan Letti, is a cross between the familiar to the public area and the traditional sofa beds. This paradoxical combination sets a lively dynamic in a room intended for a rest and sleep, but it does not look too intimate in a single space studio apartments, where often there is no clear separation between the bedroom and living room.

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