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Arranged houseplants

Houseplants add comfort and freshness in the interior of the apartment. True fans are going to a stunning collection, and not nearly as important as many of them rare specimens – sometimes even 2-3 species of plants can add charm to the house and keep a good mood. In this collection we have collected ideas on creative arrangements of indoor plants, if you have the desire to show imagination. They can be combined with each other and cut flowers, choose the type of harmony and color of the container, combine with natural decorations and fun stuff.


Overview creatively decorated with Christmas dishes

New Year to our races, and to have time to get ready for his arrival, and to meet the New Year fun and delicious, and we have to rush you. Gifts for family and friends for Christmas trees and decorations, for champagne and mandarin oranges, well, for other products from a long list, which on the eve of the New Year will turn into delicious dishes. And our current, pre-review, just dedicated to the most original, creative decorations Christmas dishes.


New Year’s decoupage: making Christmas decorations

What a New Year but without trees, and today’s master class is dedicated to the New Year’s decoupage. Surely, you are already in a painful waiting anticipation when furry green beauty steps into your home. And then you can safely begin its naryazhaniyu. Use a variety of toys, but you can still make original Christmas crafts with their hands. It does not necessarily have to be balls, garlands. It can be little things made ​​of paper, felt, fabric – anything that can create a festive atmosphere in your home. Huge popular and Christmas crafts out of paper. The advantages of…


Christmas and New Year’s inspiration

Christmas and New Year – holiday celebrated all over the world and from year to year, home decorations are interesting and colorful. Many people have long been decorated not only their home, but the car, garden or balcony.

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