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Beautiful house pockets, convenient shelf for things

For relatively large, there are various things in cupboards and shelving. And what a fine, just the ones who are the source of disorder often? Surely, you’ve accumulated a lot of little things that are not stored where they are used. Or they are not easy to find (surrounded by like). But you remember that one of the main rules of order – a well-defined place for each item next to the place of use. So this gallery you will add new and creative ideas on the topic of storage. Especially suitable owners of small apartments that are always looking…


Creative ideas for storing things in the bedroom

Storage space in the bedroom – a topical issue. As there is a massive blankets, pillows, bedding, jewelry and a lot of beautiful shoes so as not to spoil the interior? The modern bedrooms are rarely the only purpose. Many are trying to combine in the same room several functions: allocate a place for work or needlework, enclose a space for fitness equipment, organize closets, etc. Separation of one room into functional areas can be accomplished in various ways: contrasting colors in the decoration of the walls and other interior materials for floors, carpets, raised, movable walls and screens. Under…


Creative Ideas with Recycled Bicycle Chain

For one believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and these recycled bicycle chain creations listed here just suggest the same. The recycled bicycle chain innovations prove that trash bike chains aren’t waste, they can be used in an innovative idea for something better. The broken bike chains can be granted a death sentence but these in the hands of an artist can get another life. So, just hit the jump to see twenty of the best recycled bicycle chain creations and then decide whether you’d like to wear a bike chain made belt buckle or would like…

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