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Amazing floating bed

Developed by Max Longin, the idea of ​​this bed is inclined to the central point of rest, to which all results in pliable and soft way. This bed has a design that is quite unique. It is held in place using four stainless steel cords and can withstand the weight of one ton! The bed is available in ash, beech, cherry, maple, oak or walnut. The bed can be easily assembled and disassembled into several parts, so it is very convenient to carry. For those of you who really want to get a unique bed, it is available at a…


Plants on batteries

New and unusual pot plants on batteries just press and aims to increase urban residents who want to grow plants at home. You just need to carry batteries and 1 liter of plain water to grow plants, and above all not required extra care! The system will inform you when the need to change the water, or batteries! It is very simple and convenient.


Wheelchair cradle

Rockid – rocking chair and cradle in one. Rocking on the chair, you can both read the book and humming a lullaby, rocking the baby, which is much more convenient than to rock the child in the crib. When the baby will grow out of its cradle, can be done from the bench Rockid rocking. Convenient for both the mother and for the baby.

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